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Related Work


In the field of Cooperative Distributed Expert Systems (CDES), C.Zang's work focuses on strategies of unifying solutions that include uncertainty from multiple expert systems that use different representation of uncertainty in (C.Zhang ,92), (M.Zhang and C.Zhang ,94). Itoh's work proposes a framework of cooperative distributed diagnostic expert systems, based on a proposed self-reorganizational scheme. However, these systems work try to deal with issues at a syntactic level and work without the management of semantics.

On the other hand, R.Dieng's work (Rose Dieng ,1994) and S.K.Bamberger's work ( Stefan K. Bamberger, 1996) to manage issues in cooperative knowledge-based systems. The specification to interoperate knowledge-based systems from the point of malti-agent systems has been analyzed, but not yet launched into full implementations and evaluation in real task-domains, as shown here.

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