Re: IETF stuff [Was: Digest of Tim's mail ]
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 94 14:01:43 EDT
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Subject: Re: IETF stuff [Was: Digest of Tim's mail ]
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Daniel W. Connolly writes:
>In message <>, Tim Berners-Lee writes:
>>Date: 30 June 1994
>>What do you think?  The mechsnisms of archived dicsussion
>>are all there -- the group mailing list could be specified
>>as www-html, and this list could be kept an editor's list,
>>or the html-ig list could be opened as the working group list.

>I vote for www-html, based on quality of service. The newbie factor
>isn't too bad on that list either.

  I second for the use of www-html.

>>  We would establish a set of milestones and a strict charter

>Blech. Oh well... whatever it takes to get all this mess overwith.

>>Who would be able to come to meetings at the next IETF in Toronto
>>July 25-29? 

>Dunno. I wasn't planning on it, but I'd like to be there, especially
>if the rest of "the players" will be there.

   Chris Wilson and I will be trying to attend.  Are there any
registration fees, or other administrivia like that?  Will attendance
of the entire 5 day conference be necessary, or is there a smaller
time frame for the HTML-only discussions?  I'm not sure if I could talk
the president of SPRY into doing without both his web-people for a full

-Bill P.