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Date: Wed, 6 Jul 94 13:44:14 EDT
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Subject: Re: HTML and IETF
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@ Hah! :-)  But a strict set of milestones and a strict charter is just
@ what you, Dan, having been insiting on for this group -- to its
@ great betterment.
I would very much like to agree with this statement.
@ Basically, I suggest charter:
@ 	To produce standards for the HyperText MarkUp Language
@ 	used in the world Wide Web.
@ |>Who would be able to come to meetings at the next IETF
@ |>in Toronto July 25-29? 
@ Any more support from this group?
How does one get information on attending this meeting?
I'm really interested in attending, but I think I might have
another meeting scheduled over it.


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