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Date: Mon, 11 Jul 94 15:17:44 EDT
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> Murray:  I would like to take you up on your offer
> of local intelligence concerning hotels...
> thanks.
OK, before I start gathering info, please advise me
what your criteria are...  The conference hotel
is right in the heart of downtown, across the street
from city hall and just a couple of blocks from 
Canada's financial center.  There are, of course,
many hotels downtown, within a short taxi or subway
ride to the conference.  However, I understand that 
the Sheraton is quite expensive.

Are you looking for reduced expense?  Swimming pool?
Other amenities.  There is a nice economical hotel
just down the road from my office -- it is just a 
short subway ride to the conference hotel and is
also convenient to the Royal Ontario Museum and
the planetarium if you are interested in seeing sites.

Subways here cost $2.00 CDN for a single ride, $3.00 for 
two tickets, $6.50 for five, and $12.00 for 10.

Some facts about Toronto:  The Greater Metropolitan 
Toronto area is home to approximately 4 million people.
It is situated on the northern shore of Lake Ontario,
about two hours drive from Buffalo, New York and four
hours drive from Detroit.  Late July in Toronto can be
quite warm, with high humidity contributing to 80-100 F
degree days.

It is a very clean city and relatively safe and crime free.
Mostly, people feel safe to walk the streets at night
and there are few reported instances of muggings or pickpockets.

Toronto was named the world's most culturally diverse city
by the United Nations in 1992.  There are restaurants serving
foods from around the world here.  There is a florishing nightlife,
with theatre and music from around the world.  The local entertainment
tabloid -- Now! -- provides a complete calendar of each week's
concerts and cultural activities.

The World Series winning Toronto Blue Jays will be playing against
Texas on Sunday, July 24 and against Milwaukee on July 26-28.