Attendees list for Monday meeting at SCO (Alan Braverman)
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 94 09:55:58 EDT
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From: (Alan Braverman)
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Subject: Attendees list for Monday meeting at SCO
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Murray Maloney writes:
> Hi,
> Tim had asked me to publish a list of everyone who had confirmed
> attendance at the meeting on Monday at my offices:
>   Tim Berners-Lee	CERN
>   Dan Connolly		HaL
>   Eric Sink		Spyglass
>   Liam Quinn		SoftQuad
>   Terry Noreault  	OCLC, Director, Office of Research and Special Projects
>   Stuart Weibel   	OCLC, Senior Research Scientist
>   Eric Miller     	OCLC, Research Assistant
>   Murray Maloney	SCO

Dave Thompson and I managed to get two plane tickets yesterday.  Please add
us to the list.


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