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Murray Maloney <murray@sco.COM>
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 94 09:39:47 EDT
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Yes, thanks for clarifying that for us Dave.


> >I was thinking of calling it an HTML+ browser that allows us to
> >test out proposed extensions to HTML before we commit ourselves.
> >It seems important to solicit widespread input on potential new
> >features. A consensus draft spec for Spring '95 gives us several
> >months for the group discussion.
> >
> >How would you like to position such as demonstration?
> The stance you're taking is fine with me.  I just wanted to
> clarify the process and status.
> [ Dave Raggett's accent ON]
> "Greetings and thank you for coming to this demonstration.  What
> I'll be demo-ing today is a testbed browser that the HTML WG
> is using to guide its discussions regarding future standards
> for HTML.  It's important to the group that every language feature
> in the standard be implementable in a reasonable fashion.  This
> browser helps us have 'proof of concept', as well as offering me
> the opportunity to give you all a sneak preview of what is to
> come.  I'd like to thank [ the folks at CERN and whoever else ] for
> their help in getting this browser going.  Now if someone will
> dim the lights, we'll focus our attention on the scr- HEY!
> What happened to the video signal from the workstation?  I know
> for a fact it was working earlier, and..."
> [ Dave Raggett's accent OFF]
> ;-)
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