Re: Comments on HTML 2.0 DTD

Terry Allen <>
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 94 19:39:42 EDT
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Subject: Re: Comments on HTML 2.0 DTD
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| From: "Daniel W. Connolly" <>
| Subject: Re: Comments on HTML 2.0 DTD 

| >The prescriptive content model for the A tag is %text+ which is fine.
| >However, the default content type for HTML 2.0 is currently defined as:
| >        (%heading|%block|%text)+
| >There are enough instances of anchors enclosing headers that the loose DTD
| >should support that, but I have yet to find examples of anchors enclosing
| >lists or blockquotes etc. HTML 2.0 has to draw the line somewhere in
| >formalising current practise, so can we agree on:
| >        <!ENTITY % A.content "(%heading|(%text)+)">
| >This restricts the content to a single heading or the accepted %text string.
| Hmmm... let me try this against my test suite...
| OK. I'll buy it.

Why shouldn't I be able to construct a document composed of paragraphs,
each of which is nested in an A, so that when I click anywhere in
the document, I get something relevant to that paragraph?  That is,
A should be allowed something like the full list for html-0:


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