Date: Sun, 11 Sep 1994 18:29:46 -0600
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There seems to be considerable interest at the Mosaic94 conference in making
the WWW accessible to the print-impaired.

Most of the emphasis is being placed on the WWW browsers. Though it is
important to have accessible browsers, they're useless if the information
present on the WWW is not encoded in an accessible format.

Given that there has been some interest on this list on the issues of making
HTML and ICAD converge, as well as making HTML friendlier to applications
producing output in alternative formats, could we pull together a meeting at
the Mosaic conference to address these questions?

Main thrust:

An accessible WWW requires accessible document encodings.
We may design the world's best accessible WWW browser, say one that produces
speech or Braille, but it'd be absolutely useless if the documents on the WWW
were gif, ps or pdf files!