Re: List Item (LI) Suggestion (Peter Flynn)
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 94 05:45:50 EDT
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From: (Peter Flynn)
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Subject: Re: List Item (LI) Suggestion
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> I'm sorry I wasn't clearer. I was not seeking greater freedom for LI but 
> less, more like the present definition for DT. My point was that the 
> definition for LI content in the spec allows for % block, which I feel is 
> inconsistent with the usage for MENU and DIR where single line or less 
> content for LI is expected. So, I was looking for a way to exclude the  
> %-block content in those cases. If Dan's suggestion for exclusion works that 
> is fine with me.

OK, I see what you mean...yes, that sounds fine. Conceptually an LI is a
paragraph which happens to be one item in a list of things. My only gripe
is that in the Real World[tm], we sometimes need lists in which an item
has a second or third (unnumbered/unbulleted) paragraph:

   X. Xxxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxxx x xx xxx xxxx xxxxx
      xxxxx xxxx xxx xx x xxxxx xxxx xxx xx x xxxxx.
      Xxxxx xxxx xxx xx x xxxxx xxxx xxx xx x xxxxx
      xxxx xxx xx x xxxxx xxxx xxx xx x xxxxx

   X. Xxxxxx xxxx xxx.

> Thanks for the opportunity to clarify. I meant that in the OL and UL cases 
> you should be able to mix the LI and XLI tags in any order and in any 
> combination required by the situation. Perhaps a sample would help.
> <OL>
> <li>This is item #1</li>
> <xli>This is another longer item. As part of this item I would like to quote 
> from a colleague who said:
> blah blah blah
> </BLOCKQUOTE></xli>
> <li>This is a final simple item</li>
> </OL>

Perfectly...this would do the job: but do we need to add XLI to handle it?