Re: Issue tracking for HTML 2.0 document (HyperNews?)

"Daniel W. Connolly" <>
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 94 11:42:16 EDT
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From: "Daniel W. Connolly" <>
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Subject: Re: Issue tracking for HTML 2.0 document (HyperNews?) 
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In message <199409211504.IAA05927@rock>, Terry Allen writes:
>I took a look at Hypernews, and I have to say it looks like WIT
>all over again.  We need to track issues, as Dan points out, but
>please let's not start all over again writing position papers.

I had no intention of doing that. I was just going to create
links from the hypernews structure to the html-wg archive.

>Plain email ought to work just fine and it's at least twice
>as fast.

As I outlined in my previous message, email isn't working. We do _not_
have a plan that gets the train to the station on time.

For example: can you list the outstanding issues and their status?
Can you give evidence that they will all be resolved before the
December IETF meeting? I can give evidence that they will not.

I'm interested in any solution to this problem except "let's keep
doing what we're doing."

I would expect email to remain one of the principal interfaces to the
system. Messages submitted to go into the hypermail
archive and get linked into the HyperNews tree. Perhaps we could build
a reverse gateway if folks are interested.

But I would like to be able to look at some page that gives the status
of all the issues in a nutshell, with links to background and

I think HyperNews is worth a try. I'm willing to hear
alternatives. I'm not willing to sit back and wait. I have
made commitments to many folks that this document will be
done by December.