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Murray Maloney <murray@sco.COM>
Date: Thu, 6 Oct 94 10:59:49 EDT
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Subject: Re: New (specific) suggestion for Monday time
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Hi Tom,

Sorry, it is 9:40 CDT, but I was at the Davenport meeting and just got back.

I think that enough of the key participants will be available 
to allow us to hold a meeting that starts at 2 pm as 
originally suggested by Eric Sink.  

I appreciate that a variety of people would like to delay the 
meeting until later in the afternoon or into the evening,
but I don't think that is workable.

I would suggest that, for the most part, anybody attending 
tutorial sessions on Monday afternoon would not have a
lot to contribute to this meeting -- and while they might
have a lot to gain, that is not our goal in holding this meeting.

Further, the reception on Monday evening is a valuable opportunity
for many of us to "network" with colleagues who we seldom have
an opportunity to see -- and also an opportunity to introduce
people to each other.  This kind of activity -- also known as 
"working the halls" -- is an extremely valuable activity at conferences.

Finally, I am certain that there will be other opportunities 
for people who miss a Monday afternoon meeting to meet with the 
HTML-WG during the conference.

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> The conference agenda has nothing (except BOFs) scheduled for 4:30 to 6
> Monday.  At 6pm is the opening day reception ("heavy hors d'oeuvres").  I
> propose we meet at that time.  My impression is that it will best
> accommodate everyone who has spoken up so far.
> If the time is too short, we can always use the last 10 minutes of it to
> decide on another time to get together.
> I need to make space arrangements ASAP.  Therefore I should also like to
> say that if no one has a problem with this time slot by 8am (CDT) this
> Thursday (5 Oct), I will go ahead and reserve us a room.
> mag
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