Re: whither <u>...</u>?

Corprew Reed <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 94 17:04:29 EDT
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Subject: Re: whither <u>...</u>?
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Dan said:
@ Hmmm... on the other hand, I'd like for the 2.0 DTD to represent
@ the set of stuff that's known to generally work. I'd like for folks
@ to be able to trust that any document that parses by the 2.0 DTD
@ will work with what's "out there," including Mosaic 2.x.
@ So I'm changing my vote: leave it out. And leave out STRIKE, and
@ whatever else is not consistently supported.

I'm voting for this as well.

(I'm going to assume that this principle also holds for <isindex
action="URL">, which I've seen work with XMosaic and not with the
other Mosaics.  (i.e.  I'm scratching my next letter...)

This shows up mainly in things derived from WWWWais. 

Does anyone have an opinion on the diff for
I was going to give underline a caveat that it wasn't supported
by all browsers and it therefore isn't in the DTD and using
it is deprecated.  Are there objections to this?  Should 
I just leave it out completely?

I'll do <STRIKE> in my diff as well, since Dan's holding me
to it and all. :-) 


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