Re: New Highlighting.html [Was: whither <u>...</u>? ]

Terry Allen <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 94 12:10:46 EDT
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Subject: Re: New Highlighting.html [Was: whither <u>...</u>? ]
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Dan, why is anything proposed for HTML+ (now 3.0) going into 
this 2.0 spec, which is supposed to reflect current practice?



Dan wrote:
I suppose it's reasonable to say that S is not really in use in the
context of HTML -- only in the context of HTML+ which is a separate
beast; whereas STRIKE is implemented by one popular browser, and so
it's probably in some documents out there (I haven't come across any
-- if anybody finds any, please send them to me.)

I'm willing to take S out entirely, but I'd like to hear from Dave
Raggett first.

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