Re: HTML.html node revision

"Daniel W. Connolly" <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 94 19:14:04 EDT
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From: "Daniel W. Connolly" <>
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Subject: Re: HTML.html node revision 
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In message <199406162153.OAA09073@rock>, Terry Allen writes:
>  first, to fill out the document
>title and complete the reference implied by stating that this
>is version 2.0 of the doc.  (What are you counting as v1.0?)

The July 1993 internet draft called itself 1.3. So we can't use
anything less than that. 2.0 also coincides rougly with the Mosaic
version number that introduced form, I think. Here's a full reference
to the previous publication, from the internet draft index:

  "Hypertext Markup Language (HTML): A Representation of Textual 
  Information and MetaInformation for Retrieval and 
  Interchange",07/23/1993, <draft-ietf-iiir-html-01.txt, .ps>              

>Second, to remove language about proposed features.  All such 
>features belong in HTML 3.0, not in this document.  All nodes
>relating to these features should be removed, too.  (my opinion,

I'll wait till TimBL and DaveR get a chance to read this bit about
proposed and obsolete stuff before I make those changes.