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IETF Working Group on HTML

Welcome to the HTML-WG list. This list is maintained for the express
and limited purpose of supporting the activities of those actively
involved in the IETF Working Group on HTML specifications. All
subscribers are welcome, but it is important that discussion on this
list be restricted to matters of immediate importance in negotiating
consensus concerning the specifications of HTML in the IETF standards
track. Please restrict postings here to this purpose.

A number of other mailing lists and Usenet groups afford ample
opportunity for discussions of philosophy, proposed features, and
announcements of WWW systems and resources. Those interested in
general discussions of WWW issues may wish to join one of the general
Web discussions hosted elsewhere, including:

www-announce WWW announcements of general interest
www-talk Technical discussions of WWW issues
www-html Discussions of proposed future enhancements to HTML
web4lib Delivery of Library services via WWW

comp.infosystems.www Usenet discussion of WWW issues

HTML Working Group Chair:

Tim Berners-Lee

Editor of the HTML 2.0 Specification:

Daniel W. Connolly


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added as a subscriber to HTML-WG

unsubscribe html-wg Confirmation that your subscription
has been stopped

info html-wg Information about HTML-WG

help Brief information about several
available commands

review html-wg Retrieve a list of subscribers to HTML-IG

index html-wg A list of available files; the list
includes file names and paths

get [path] [file name] Retrieve the specified file


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Stuart Weibel