Re: Release of HTML 2.0 document for editing

Daniel W. Connolly (
Tue, 23 Aug 94 15:06:21 EDT

In message <>, Peter Flynn writes:
>What exactly is the problem with producing PS from HTML? I do it most
>days without any problem.

We don't produce PS from HTML -- we produce PS from Frame, which we
produce from an internal DTD called NodeSet that looks and feels a lot
like DocBook. But it's painful.

If you have a system for collecting the 50 or so HTML files into one
nice looking PS file with a table of contents and all, BY GOD MAN!
volunteer to provide this service to the group! Or tell us about this
wonderful tool!

Note that we also need a tool to check/maintain the "next/previous/up"
links in the document.

Maintaining large documents in HTML is a pain.