HTML 2.0 Editing

Eric W. Sink (
Thu, 25 Aug 94 17:41:10 EDT

I'd like to "introduce" two new people to the group:

Mike Knezovich
Manager of Publications

Eric Schieler
Technical Writer

[ Stu, could you please add and
to this mailing list ? Thanks! ]

I'd also like to encourage everyone to note the one-character
difference in Eric Schieler's email address from mine. ;-)

Mike and Eric have volunteered to take on the coordination
responsibilities needed to get this document out. They'll be
able to process editorial feedback, get things integrated
into the document, deal with the document formats, and
all that stuff.

Please bear with us as Mike and Eric get up to speed on this
whole thing. I'll be giving them copies of old emails and such
so that they can be as familiar as possible with what has happened
so far. We also probably need to get some stuff installed on our web
server like Dan has.

Dan, I'm sure Mike would welcome any advice or feedback you want to
give him. :-)

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