Re: New Topic: HTML and the Visually Impaired [long]

Peter Flynn (
Wed, 31 Aug 94 12:07:13 EDT

Yuri posts:

> My position is that a rich markup offers so many advantages for the creation
> of Braille, computer voice delivery and large-print publications that it is
> crazy not to take such considerations into account when doing markup.
> 1) If we extend HTML ever-so-slightly with a tiny handful of new
> elements (AU, BOX, IPP, LHEAD, etc) , and encourage browser
> builders to alias certain ICADD elements to existing HTML elements
> (ANCHOR to A, PARA to P, etc), then we overnight make every
> Web browser into an ICADD browser.

We discussed this in Cork last Nov very briefly. I couldn't see any
objection to his proposal then and I don't see one now.

> 2) When HTML2.0 is finalized, I'll add the ICADD attributes to it

If that's all it takes, what is holding us back? Are there other browser