Meetings at Web Conference in October

Yuri Rubinsky (
Thu, 1 Sep 94 20:59:15 EDT

One of the highlights for me of the Geneva Conference was the opportunity to
have a variety of kinds of meetings/sessions about HTML. Representing the
Web conference organizing committee, I've been asked to ask you-all what
kind of presence you'd like at the event.

We can book time/space for a public "Future of HTML" kind of session,
which would
perhaps begin with an overview from Dan and Dave on the editorial stages
we're in and what's next, the directions anticipated, etc. That could
then turn into an open discussion chaired by the two of you/them or
by Tim B-L.

Alternatively or in addition to that, we could book time/space for a meeting
of the "implementors" following directly on from the Geneva meeting,
and make it kind of invitational -- people on this list and
any key players that aren't but should be invited.

Please let me know asap as the schedule is happening/being constructed right
now. Sorry to have not mentioned this earlier -- one of those things where
everyone assumed someone else was taking care of this since it's so obviously
something that needs to be done at the conference!