HTML 2.0 editing status

Mike Knezovich (
Fri, 2 Sep 94 18:44:10 EDT

Here's a nutshell update on editing the HTML 2.0 Specification:

1. I've wrapped up a couple of projects and will now be able to devote most
of my time to this project. Eric Schieler (also here at Spyglass) will be
available to help sometime next week. We've almost finished our dig through
past comments, and we are nearly up to speed on the document and what has
happened so far.

2. Because the RFC is the most important result of this process, its
completion for submission will drive the process.

3. We plan to use FrameMaker for the document editing, generating plain
text from there for the RFC. This will require some combination of
compromise in the FrameMaker version plus manual cleanup work in the text
version. I think WebMaker is an acceptable FrameMaker-to-HTML solution,
though I'm sure some manual cleanup will also be required here. I think our
time will be better spent on this approach than on the search for a perfect
rosetta-stone solution.

4. The spec looks to be in very good shape. One area that probably needs
content work is forms. Eric Sink will be helping with this. We're slogging
through past comments for other problem areas, but if we miss them, let us

5. We'd very much like the WG to meet at the conference in October. In
fact, we hope to have a nearly-final, this-is-your-last-chance draft
available for distribution there. Tim Krauskopf, director of development
here, has made it a priority.

To meet that goal, we have to limit our work to the refinement and
completion of the 2.0 spec as it exists now. I'm not qualified to debate
the value of new tags, elements, etc., but I can say that adding anything
at this point jeopardizes making our deadlines. For those who are adamant
about such tags, finishing the HTML spec as-is will probably provide the
fastest route to adding them. Gary Adams' suggestions provide a nice
solution and roadmap, I think.

That's it for now.

--Mike 217-355-6000 x233