Re: Proposed DTD Names, Structure [Was: HTML 2.0 editing status ]

Peter Flynn (
Tue, 6 Sep 94 18:21:14 EDT

> OK folks... we need more input on this than just Terry and myself:
> Proposal 3: Combine html-0.dtd, html-1.dtd, html-2.dtd into one file,
> as per Terry's suggestion:
> >My solution to the three-DTD problem is to fold -1 and .
> >into -0, as marked sections, with the basic content models
> >supplied with empty parameter entities that expand within
> >those marked sections. Then there's only one file named
> >.dtd, and the IGNORE/INCLUDE operations are simple. Example
> >on request.

My vote goes to Proposal 3, mainly for the ease of handling one file
instead of three. For the doc type dec, is there a real chance that
the IETF will register with ISO?