Re: Proposed DTD Names, Structure [Was: HTML 2.0 editing status ]

Yuri Rubinsky (
Wed, 7 Sep 94 02:36:28 EDT

As much as I appreciate the charm of the current technique, which is
clean and well thought through, I have to believe that for the general
public which must understand the DTD, having more than one file seems
overly difficult.

Too bad really, since I've been bususy creating html-t1.dtd and html-t2.dtd
which represent two levels of proposed table handling compatible with the ICADD tables and with the HTMLplus proposed so long ago by Dave.

You all appreciate, I'm sure that this could end up being one Real Big
DTD. (Compared to the old HTML 2.0 anyway, not compared to some of the
monsters that are out there.)

My vote for Proposition 3.

As far as IETF goes: Does it already do publishing with an ISBN? How
does it normally register its work?