Re: HTML 3.0 standardization

Gary Adams - Sun Microsystems Labs BOS (Gary.Adams@East.Sun.COM)
Wed, 7 Sep 94 13:20:55 EDT

> From Wed Sep 7 12:27:02 1994
> I was thinking of calling it an HTML+ browser that allows us to
> test out proposed extensions to HTML before we commit ourselves.
> It seems important to solicit widespread input on potential new
> features. A consensus draft spec for Spring '95 gives us several
> months for the group discussion.

It would be great if the HTML+ browser came with a cookbook document
that walked through a single "new feature" to set an example for
designers to follow. Perhaps you could write up the last simple feature
added recently or invent a feature just for illustration purposes.

Imagine a scenario like this ...

1. Designer recognizes a need for a new feature .

2. Developer registers some basic intent (HTML+ feature 23)
with the HTML 3.0 editors with a short description of the

3. Developer nails down the DTD for the new feature.

4. Developer extends the HTML widget or rendering interface
as needed to demonstrate the capability.

5. Developer delivers feature as patch to standard HTML+ browser.

6. New feature is ready for dicussion/voting process.

I think it is important that new capabilities be delivered with documentation
and a reference implementation before they are considered seriously for
inclusion in a particular revison of the spec. It's also important to have
an idea of what is coming down the road in future release. e.g. HTML 2.13
includes <STRONG mood=angry tone=deep gender=male> and HTML 2.7 includes
<STAIN color=blueberry>.

> How would you like to position such as demonstration?
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