Re: Presentation at Conference

Yuri Rubinsky (
Wed, 7 Sep 94 15:45:56 EDT

Before I put this on the program formally, it would be good to
hear from Tim -- are tyou there, Tim, do you volunteer?

Guessing from the fact that Tim has just moved to MIT, my
suspicion is he's pretty busy and may not have followed
the details as Eric might have. In private mail to me,
Terry also volunteered for this mission, and since he's right
into the nitty-gritty detial of the one-dtd verion, I'd like
to propose three people:

Tim: to set the context, the future direction, the process
Terry: to describe the constructs, to walk through the features and levels
Eric: to detail the functionality and the implications of the constructs

Granted, Terry and Eric will have to intertwine, but I think this would
make a good presentation.

If we don't hear from Tim in the next few hours, does anyone know how
to reach him by phone?

Comments? (esp from Eric and Terry?)