Re: New Topic: HTML and the Visually Impaired [long]
Thu, 8 Sep 94 10:43:47 EDT

Yuri Rubinsky writes:
> I hope this is actually of interest to more than just Terry and me. At
> any rate, I think we're moving towards a clearer explanation of what
> would actually be required. In practical terms, all I hoping is to add
> five elements to the Proposed list. Everything else is up to the browser
> implementors; we could recommend the aliasing of isomorphic elements from
> ICADD to HTML, that's about all. I thank Terry for the fact that I now
> have this much more succinct view of what's needed to enable the
> print-disabled population to successfully interoperate with the Web.
> It's probably about the right time to call for a show of hands. If enough
> vote in favour, I'll create the appropriate text and when the draft spec
> is in my hands, add the bits before sending it on to the next editor.
> I apologise for the delay; I will try to finish the tables stuff off
> tomorrow.

I have been thinking of good ways to implement generic, user-specified
content-type -> content-type filters in the emacs-w3 browser. I can add
new tags for simple highlighting by changing one variable, so thats no
problem, and adding the other tags wouldn't be too much of a problem
either. I will try to do it as soon as it is in a written document I can
sit down with (other than email).

I've got a few other problems with the emacs browser that need to be
changed first though, so that raman can use it at all. :)

-Bill P.