Re: HTML 3.0 Process

Dave Raggett (
Fri, 9 Sep 94 05:13:59 EDT

Murray writes:

> Thanks Dave, that certainly clarifies things quite a bit for me.
> I'm also wondering how someone like me might get an opportunity
> to contribute to the feature list or act as a sounding board
> during the development process, rather than only after implementation
> is complete.

Well how about coming up with a wish list, or by a critical review of
HTML+ as described at WWW'94, see:

I enclose the latest state of the maths portion of the DTD below
which we are now starting to implement. It is designed to make it
easy to translate to and from LaTeX. We may want to use SHORTREFs
to cut down on typing for manual entry though.

The implementation is already turning up useful ways of tidying up
the HTML+ feature set. I am also keen to simplify the DTD by dropping
the repeated use of marked sections for modularisation. SGML-Open have
volunteered their services to vet the DTD when we are ready.

Note that the goal is to make it easy for HTML 3.0 browsers to handle
legacy documents, but not to aim for strict formal backwards compatibility.
Tools like my "tidy" program can be used to convert legacy documents,
removing flagrant errors and to bring them into line with the HTML 3.0 DTD.
This approach is already proving useful with HTML 2.0 for SGML editors like
HoTMetaL. Avoid the need for strict backwards compatibility allows us to
clean up HTML and add richer hierarchical structure needed for handling
larger documents.

Hakon Lie at CERN is investigating on style sheet mechanisms and in this
way we aim to keep HTML as simple as practical, while providing authors
with much richer control.

Best wishes,

Dave Raggett

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