Re: List Item (LI) Suggestion

Peter Flynn (
Mon, 12 Sep 94 13:38:39 EDT

> >1. The MENU and DIR list definitions are specifically designed for
> >rendering Menu like lists and Directory listings, respectively. Some sources
> >suggest that DIR rendering should be multi-column. These are
> >really both inconsistent with the definition of LI as a container for
> >block items.
> Sound reasonable. Anybody feel strongly one way or the other about
> this? I think we can change MENU and DIR to exclude block items
> (via exclusion exceptions, not by a change to the LI element, I'm
> afraid.)

I would have thought that MENU list items were ideally suited to LI
usage, as they're supposed to be up to one "line" long each. For DIR
I agree, some other structure may be better.

> >I'm not sure I got all the syntax correct, but my concept is that there are
> >should be two kinds of list items, plain (LI) and extended (XLI). End tags
> >are optional for LI and required for XLI. LI list items are single paragraph
> >entries. XLI list items can contain multiple paragraphs, lists, forms, etc.
> >DIR and MENU lists should allow only LI content while OL and UL can allow
> >either.

You mean literally EITHER, or that you should be able to mix LI and XLI?
I think if you want more freedom within list items, we should look at
expanding DL/DT/DD rather than LI.