Re: SGML, HTML and CS:
Mon, 12 Sep 94 15:18:51 EDT

Daniel W. Connolly writes:
> From Mon Sep 12 00:56:25 1994

> But I must protest at any form of SGMLS bashing. SGML is a strange
> beast -- horribly contorted and impenetrably specified. But I learned
> 90% of what I know using SGMLS and the "try it and see" method. (another
I did not intend to bash SGMLS, it's the only tool available, and I join you
in thanking James Clarke for it.

> 5% was gleaned from patiently reading Erik Naggum's posts and sifting
> through the noise for the good stuff. The remaining 5% I actually
> got by reading ISO 8879 itself. I recommend the reading of that document
> as pennance only for the most heinous of sins.)