Re: List Item (LI) Suggestion

Stan Newton (
Tue, 13 Sep 94 00:57:18 EDT

>I would have thought that MENU list items were ideally suited to LI
>usage, as they're supposed to be up to one "line" long each. For DIR
>I agree, some other structure may be better.
>I think if you want more freedom within list items...

Dear Peter,

I'm sorry I wasn't clearer. I was not seeking greater freedom for LI but
less, more like the present definition for DT. My point was that the
definition for LI content in the spec allows for % block, which I feel is
inconsistent with the usage for MENU and DIR where single line or less
content for LI is expected. So, I was looking for a way to exclude the
%-block content in those cases. If Dan's suggestion for exclusion works that
is fine with me.

>> >DIR and MENU lists should allow only LI content while OL and UL can allow
>> >either.
>You mean literally EITHER, or that you should be able to mix LI and XLI?

Thanks for the opportunity to clarify. I meant that in the OL and UL cases
you should be able to mix the LI and XLI tags in any order and in any
combination required by the situation. Perhaps a sample would help.

<li>This is item #1</li>
<xli>This is another longer item. As part of this item I would like to quote
from a colleague who said:
blah blah blah
<li>This is a final simple item</li>

Does this clarify my comments?

Stan Newton
Newton Computing Solutions