Re: STRIKE tag is proposed, what about INSERT?

Murray Maloney (murray@sco.COM)
Wed, 21 Sep 94 09:10:20 EDT

Our customers have been asking us to produce our documentation
with change bars to indicate changes from one release to the next.
So, yes there is a need -- or at least a _want_ -- in the reader

Frankly, I think that a more sophisticated method might be useful.
But perhaps that is only needed upstream from conversion ->HTML.


> > I see that the proposed specification for HTML 2 includes the
> > < STRIKE >< /STRIKE > tags. It seems to me that it would also
> > be useful to have corollary tags to indicate material that has been
> > added, e.g. < INSERT > < /INSERT >.
> I think we went this loop before, and the question was, how many lawyers
> use HTML?
> It seems to me to make sense, but is it _needed_ ?
> ///Peter