Re: Agenda for Chicago meeting

Murray Maloney (murray@sco.COM)
Thu, 22 Sep 94 08:49:55 EDT

Ya, I feel pretty much the same.
My time at conferences like this
is usually too limited to be able
to review a spec while I am there.

> Eric W. Sink wrote:
> > Our intention was a release *at* the Chicago meeting. We'll
> > get you a copy too, Dan.
> Ack, no! We will all need time to read the document before our
> meeting, and for me that means having a hardcopy available by
> October 14th so that I can read it on the plane to Chicago.
> This is particularly important because it will allow me to just
> hand you the marked-up copy if I find typos/grammatical errors
> in the process (much easier than trying to re-type them into an
> e-mail message).
> Will it be possible to get a copy by then?
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