Re: Agenda for Chicago meeting (+ misc)

Eric W. Sink (
Thu, 22 Sep 94 09:14:52 EDT

>Ya, I feel pretty much the same.
>My time at conferences like this
>is usually too limited to be able
>to review a spec while I am there.

OK. How about we try to have the text version ready for the 13th
or so, then mail it to the group so everyone can read it on the plane?
In an ideal world, then everyone can bring a red pen to the airport,
and mark it up. In Chicago, we'll meet and I will collect any
input right then and there. Do we have a meeting scheduled already?

It seems there's an RFC on exactly how to format an RFC. Anyone remember
which one it is?

Another thing I just thought of: I've sort of been glossing over all of the
post-2.0 discussion that has occurred on this list. However, as soon as
the RFC text is submitted, all of that stuff will suddenly become interesting
to me. Has anyone pieced together a list of all the proposals that we've
intentionally delayed until after 2.0? I'm envisioning something a bit
more concise and organized than my HTML Eudora mailbox. (Probably just
wishful thinking, eh? ;-)

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