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<TITLE> Character Entity Set(s) </TITLE>
<H1> Character Entity Set(s) </H1>
<P>The following entity names are used in
<A HREF="MarkUp.html" NAME="z1">HTML</A>,
always prefixed by ampersand (&#38;)
and followed by a semicolon as shown.
They represent particular graphic characters which have special
meanings in places in the markup, or may not be part of the character
set available to the writer.

<H2> Numeric and Special Graphic Entities </H2>
The following table lists each of the supported characters
specified in the <EM>Numeric and Special Graphic</EM> entity set,
along with its name, syntax for use, and description.
This list is derived from
"ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Numeric and Special Graphic//EN"
however HTML <STRONG>does not</STRONG> provide support
for the entire entity set.
Only the entities listed below are supported.
<STRONG>Glyph Name Syntax Description</STRONG>
&lt; lt &#38;lt; Less than sign
&gt; gt &#38;gt; Greater than sign
&amp; amp &#38;amp; Ampersand
&quot; quot &#38;quot; Double quote sign

<H2> ISO Latin 1 character entities </H2>
The following table lists each of the characters
specified in the <EM>Added Latin 1</EM> entity set,
along with its name, syntax for use, and description.
This list is derived from
"ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Latin 1//EN",
and HTML does provide support for the entire entity set.

<STRONG>Glyph Name Syntax Description</STRONG>
&Aacute; Aacute &#38;Aacute; Capital A, acute accent
&Agrave; Agrave &#38;Agrave; Capital A, grave accent
&Acirc; Acirc &#38;Acirc; Capital A, circumflex accent
&Atilde; Atilde &#38;Atilde; Capital A, tilde
&Aring; Aring &#38;Aring; Capital A, ring
&Auml; Auml &#38;Auml; Capital A, dieresis or umlaut mark
&AElig; AElig &#38;AElig; Capital AE dipthong (ligature)
&Ccedil; Ccedil &#38;Ccedil; Capital C, cedilla
&Eacute; Eacute &#38;Eacute; Capital E, acute accent
&Egrave; Egrave &#38;Egrave; Capital E, grave accent
&Ecirc; Ecirc &#38;Ecirc; Capital E, circumflex accent
&Euml; Euml &#38;Euml; Capital E, dieresis or umlaut mark
&Iacute; Iacute &#38;Iacute; Capital I, acute accent
&Igrave; Igrave &#38;Igrave; Capital I, grave accent
&Icirc; Icirc &#38;Icirc; Capital I, circumflex accent
&Iuml; Iuml &#38;Iuml; Capital I, dieresis or umlaut mark
&ETH; ETH &#38;ETH; Capital Eth, Icelandic
&Ntilde; Ntilde &#38;Ntilde; Capital N, tilde
&Oacute; Oacute &#38;Oacute; Capital O, acute accent
&Ograve; Ograve &#38;Ograve; Capital O, grave accent
&Ocirc; Ocirc &#38;Ocirc; Capital O, circumflex accent
&Otilde; Otilde &#38;Otilde; Capital O, tilde
&Ouml; Ouml &#38;Ouml; Capital O, dieresis or umlaut mark
&Oslash; Oslash &#38;Oslash; Capital O, slash
&Uacute; Uacute &#38;Uacute; Capital U, acute accent
&Ugrave; Ugrave &#38;Ugrave; Capital U, grave accent
&Ucirc; Ucirc &#38;Ucirc; Capital U, circumflex accent
&Uuml; Uuml &#38;Uuml; Capital U, dieresis or umlaut mark
&Yacute; Yacute &#38;Yacute; Capital Y, acute accent
&THORN; THORN &#38;THORN; Capital THORN, Icelandic
&szlig; szlig &#38;szlig; Small sharp s, German (sz ligature)
&aacute; aacute &#38;aacute; Small a, acute accent
&agrave; agrave &#38;agrave; Small a, grave accent
&acirc; acirc &#38;acirc; Small a, circumflex accent
&atilde; atilde &#38;atilde; Small a, tilde
&atilde; atilde &#38;atilde; Small a, tilde
&auml; auml &#38;auml; Small a, dieresis or umlaut mark
&aelig; aelig &#38;aelig; Small ae dipthong (ligature)
&ccedil; ccedil &#38;ccedil; Small c, cedilla
&eacute; eacute &#38;eacute; Small e, acute accent
&egrave; egrave &#38;egrave; Small e, grave accent
&ecirc; ecirc &#38;ecirc; Small e, circumflex accent
&euml; euml &#38;euml; Small e, dieresis or umlaut mark
&iacute; iacute &#38;iacute; Small i, acute accent
&igrave; igrave &#38;igrave; Small i, grave accent
&icirc; icirc &#38;icirc; Small i, circumflex accent
&iuml; iuml &#38;iuml; Small i, dieresis or umlaut mark
&eth; eth &#38;eth; Small eth, Icelandic
&ntilde; ntilde &#38;ntilde; Small n, tilde
&oacute; oacute &#38;oacute; Small o, acute accent
&ograve; ograve &#38;ograve; Small o, grave accent
&ocirc; ocirc &#38;ocirc; Small o, circumflex accent
&otilde; otilde &#38;otilde; Small o, tilde
&ouml; ouml &#38;ouml; Small o, dieresis or umlaut mark
&oslash; oslash &#38;oslash; Small o, slash
&uacute; uacute &#38;uacute; Small u, acute accent
&ugrave; ugrave &#38;ugrave; Small u, grave accent
&ucirc; ucirc &#38;ucirc; Small u, circumflex accent
&uuml; uuml &#38;uuml; Small u, dieresis or umlaut mark
&yacute; yacute &#38;yacute; Small y, acute accent
&thorn; thorn &#38;thorn; Small thorn, Icelandic
&yuml; yuml &#38;yuml; Small y, dieresis or umlaut mark

<H2> Additional Entity Sets (Proposed) </H2>
In future editions of HTML,
additional entity sets may be officially supported.
Implementors are encouraged to adopt
the naming conventions described in
Annex D of the SGML standard (ISO 8879)
for the following entity sets:
<H3> Alphabetic Characters </H3>
<LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Latin 2//EN"
<LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Greek Letters//EN"
<LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Monotoniko Greek//EN"
<LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Russian Cyrillic//EN"
<LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Non-Russian Cyrillic//EN"

<H3> General Use </H3>
<LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Numeric and Special Graphic//EN"
<LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Diacritical Marks//EN"
<LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Publishing//EN"
<LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Box and Line Drawing//EN"

<H3> Technical Use </H3>
<LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES General Technical//EN"
<LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Greek Symbols//EN"
<LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Alternative Greek Symbols//EN"

<H3> Additional Mathematical Symbols </H3>
<LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Math Symbols: Ordinary//EN"
<LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Math Symbols: Binary Operators//EN"
<LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Math Symbols: Relations//EN"
<LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Math Symbols: Negated Relations//EN"
<LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Math Symbols: Arrow Relations//EN"
<LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Math Symbols: Delimiters//EN"