Re: Entities

Murray Maloney (murray@sco.COM)
Thu, 22 Sep 94 15:34:42 EDT

My only purpose in including this statement was to
put a stake in the ground, thereby discouraging
browser implementors from adopting their own
naming conventions. If we all feel that it should
not be stated like this, then I am happy to withdraw.
But I would remain very concerned.

> In message <9409221046.aa00746@dali.scocan.sco.COM>, Murray Maloney writes:
> ><H2> Additional Entity Sets (Proposed) </H2>
> >In future editions of HTML,
> >additional entity sets may be officially supported.
> >Implementors are encouraged to adopt
> >the naming conventions described in
> >Annex D of the SGML standard (ISO 8879)
> >for the following entity sets:
> I think this proposal has not been explored sufficiently to merit
> inclusion in the spec. Everybody seems to frown on "proposed" stuff
> in general.
> Larry suggested, and I agree, that we should only include as "proposed"
> features that have been implemented and deployed in at least one
> working application.
> Requiring support for greek, cyrillic, etc. would be extremely
> expensive. For example, it requires X fonts that are not widely
> deployed, or some mechanism of using bitmaps. I have no idea
> how it would work on Mac's and PC's.
> I agree that 2.1 should address internationalization. But I don't
> think putting this proposal in the 2.0 spec gets us anywhere.
> ><H3> Alphabetic Characters </H3>
> ><UL>
> ><LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Latin 2//EN"
> ><LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Greek Letters//EN"
> ><LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Monotoniko Greek//EN"
> ><LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Russian Cyrillic//EN"
> ><LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Non-Russian Cyrillic//EN"
> ></UL>
> >
> ><H3> General Use </H3>
> ><UL>
> ><LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Numeric and Special Graphic//EN"
> ><LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Diacritical Marks//EN"
> ><LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Publishing//EN"
> ><LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Box and Line Drawing//EN"
> ></UL>
> >
> ><H3> Technical Use </H3>
> ><UL>
> ><LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES General Technical//EN"
> ><LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Greek Symbols//EN"
> ><LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Alternative Greek Symbols//EN"
> ></UL>
> >
> ><H3> Additional Mathematical Symbols </H3>
> ><UL>
> ><LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Math Symbols: Ordinary//EN"
> ><LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Math Symbols: Binary Operators//EN"
> ><LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Math Symbols: Relations//EN"
> ><LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Math Symbols: Negated Relations//EN"
> ><LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Math Symbols: Arrow Relations//EN"
> ><LI> "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Math Symbols: Delimiters//EN"
> ></UL>