Re: ERROR(?) in content declarations for character tags

Earl Hood (
Fri, 23 Sep 94 11:12:38 EDT

> Please see
> for my argument in favor of nested emphasis. I think it was widely accepted.

I accept the reason for most of the character tags (i.e. the 'emphasis'
based ones), but I think it is hard to use the same argument on some of
the tags. For example, the following tags still, to me, do not make
sense to allow nesting:


Does this make sense:

<code>This <code>is <code>an example</code></code></code>

Code inside code, hmmmm. Saying browsers should just ignore it is not
a decent argument. I'd like to here why the above should be valid.
I can't see a logical distinction from a CODE element, that is
contained within a CODE element, and a non-nested CODE element.

Now this seems perfectly fine to me,

<code>Hit <key>Q</key> to quit</code>

since KEY has a logical distinction from CODE. I'm saying that each
element above should not contain itself.