Re: ERROR(?) in content declarations for character tags

Earl Hood (
Fri, 23 Sep 94 11:41:29 EDT

> > Does this make sense:
> >
> > <code>This <code>is <code>an example</code></code></code>
> No, but unless I missed something, the original point was to allow, eg
> <strong>You must not type <code>x=n</code> but <code>set x to n</code></stron
> g>
> where the cited code would be in bold typewriter where possible.

I'm not arguing against that. STRONG and CODE have logical
distinctions. I can (now) even see the logical distinction from a '2nd
level' STRONG (i.e STRONG within a STRONG) from a 1st level STRONG

However, the elements I listed: CODE, SAMP, KBD, KEY; do not appear to
have logical difference when each element is nested within itself.