Re: ERROR(?) in content declarations for character tags

Corprew Reed (
Fri, 23 Sep 94 14:02:38 EDT

@ <CODE>:
@ ========
@ This one is fairly easy to imagine. An author wants to show
@ a bit of shell script that contains an awk fragment:
@ <CODE> cat foo | sort -u | awk <CODE>'{ print $1 }' </CODE> </CODE>
@ The browser could format the nested <CODE> the same as the outer one,
@ or could chose to add emphasis to the traditional monospace face.
@ Yes, this is a bit contrived, but since I am the technical publications
@ architect and strategist for a UNIX Development System, I figure that
@ I have artistic licence.

In documentation for a language such as Smalltalk/80, which can
contain external parsing language code in its own code, I could
imagine this coming up fairly frequently.

Currently, I have a case where Smalltalk produces Perl produces Shell
Scripts. (There's a reason, really.) Documenting this could require
3 levels of <code></code>. (I have two levels in the documentation
currently, which is behind a firewall of sorts.)


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