Re: Meetings at Web Conference in October

Tom Magliery (
Wed, 28 Sep 94 14:09:37 EDT

>I don't recall seeing any plans for a meeting get finalized. Now that
>the agenda is out (, perhaps
>we can try to schedule something. I agree with Yuri and Stu that it should
>be a closely held meeting.

Note, by the way, that this meeting is distinct from the technical session
listed on Thursday morning, chaired by Tim B-L.

[stuff deleted]

>So, the point is that we probably have four quasi-options:
>1. Wednesday, session 2 (2:15 - 3:45)
>2. Monday, during the tutorials
>3. Some evening
> Monday evening is the reception
> Tuesday is the banquet
> Wednesday is BOFs
>4. Squeeze a meeting into the agenda
> The agenda doesn't appear to have any events listed for
> 8-10, or 12-2 on Tuesday or Wednesday.

There are plenary sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 8:30. (I
could find no online mention of these among the conference information --
and I work here at NCSA -- but maybe I'm just too stupid...)

>1 and 4 are probably unrealistic. It looks to me like it's either
>Wednesday evening, or Monday during the tutorials.

I realize it will potentially be late, but I would consider Monday or
Tuesday evenings, *after* the reception or banquet, to be reasonable
options. An advantage of meeting earlier in the week is that there is more
time for additional meetings if necessary.

Whatever is decided on, if someone will give me an official decision about
time, and at least a vague notion of headcount, I will see to it that there
is a place for us to be, and announce it here. To ensure that space is
available at the time decided, it would be better if we decide soon. This
will be especially true if we are competing with the BOFs on Wednesday


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