html 2.0 question:
Wed, 28 Sep 94 15:06:46 EDT


I have a question about what's allowed inside an anchor tag.

I thought other elements could not be nested inside an anchor, ie <a name=foo>
<h1> title </h1> </a>
to be illegal.
But the following extract from the spec confuses me.
(I hope the above is correct!)
Handling arbitrary elements inside an anchor tag is highly unpleasant.

>From the html spec for anchor tags:


o *Required Parts*
o *All Parts*
<A NAME="..." HREF="..." REL="..." REV="..." URN="..."
TITLE="..." METHODS="...">characters...[<H1>]
[<H2>] [<H3>] [<H4>] [<H5>]
[<H6>] [<P>] [<HR>] [<UL>]
[<OL>] [<DIR>] [<MENU>] [<DL>]
[<PRE>] [<XMP>] [<LISTING>]
[<ISINDEX>] [<IMG>] [<BR>] [<EM>]
[<STRONG>] [<CODE>] [<SAMP>] [<KBD>]
[<VAR>] [<DFN>] [<CITE>] [<STRIKE>]
[<TT>] [<B>] [<I>] </A>
o *Allowed In Content Of...*
[<BODY>] [<CITE>] [<CODE>] [<DD>]
[<DFN>] [<DT>] [<EM>] [<FORM>]
[<H1>] [<H2>] [<H3>] [<H4>]
[<H5>] [<H6>] [<I>] [<KBD>]
[<LI>] [<P>] [<PRE>] [<SAMP>]
[<STRIKE>] [<STRONG>] [<TT>] [<VAR>]
o Discussion