Reality Check for HTML 2 RFC

Eric W. Sink (
Wed, 5 Oct 1994 12:43:34 -0600

We've been focusing our attention in this area on getting this spec
done and out as an RFC. As we look at the document, it is apparent
that there is valuable material there which does not necessarily
need to be part of the RFC itself. We've been thinking of omitting
the overview section plus the DTD reference from the RFC. This would
greatly shorten the actual RFC by removing essentially redundant
material. The DTD references are auto-generated and have some problems
which Dan has mentioned before. The overview is almost user-level material
and contains fancy formatting which is hard to reproduce faithfully
within the standard RFC format guidelines.

These parts of the document would certainly still appear in a pretty-printed
version where this kind of useful user-level material is more appropriate.

Any objections?

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