Flooding the mailing list

Eric W. Sink (eric@spyglass.com)
Fri, 7 Oct 1994 17:28:48 -0600

Sorry to flood the mailing list with stuff this afternoon. I'm trying
to get all the content issues straightened out so we can get the document
in good shape, content-wise, for the conference.

In addition to distributing printed copies to all of you at the meeting, we
intend to make the document available in printed form to a lot of other
people who will be asking for it as well. Of course, it will be labelled
as a draft, not-yet-official spec. That version will be the pretty-printed
version (as opposed to plain ASCII), so you guys will actually get TWO
copies of the document from me. One in ASCII (which only you will get, for
now), and one which looks nice (which lots of people at the conference will
be getting).

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