Re: OOPS! META got promoted; why did nbsp go away?

Murray Maloney (murray@sco.COM)
Tue, 11 Oct 1994 09:54:59 -0400 (EDT)

When I was putting together the write-ups on character data
and entities, I tried each of the character positions and
discovered that neither   nor   worked in the
browser that I was using (Mosaic 2.4). I recall discussing
this with Dan via mail, and we agreed at the time that nbsp
was not as universally implemented as <, >, & and
". That's when I wrote the 2nd sentence in this paragraph:

The upper 128 positions include a non-breaking space,
a soft hyphen indicator, 93 graphical characters, 8
unassigned characters, and 25 control characters.
<I>The non-breaking space and soft hyphen indicator are
not recognized and interpreted by all HTML browsers, and
their use is discouraged. </I>

So, I may have misunderstood the situation. In which case, that
sentence should be removed -- or at least softened. In addition,
it would do well to add character position 160 to the chart of the
Latin-1 character entity set that I sent out, and add &nbsp; to
the chart of Numeric and Special Graphic Entities that I included
in the same file.

If I have not misunderstood, then I think that nbsp falls into the
same category as the other entities -- desirable but not standard.
It might yet be appropriate to soften the wording on the 2nd sentence.

> Why did nbsp go away? I may have missed the reasoning behind its removal,
> but I consider it current practice, and believe that it should be part of
> the standard, or at least proposed.
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