Re: Mosaic Corp. HTML extensions
Fri, 21 Oct 1994 15:34:39 -0400

One way to move forward is to distill a common list of the features and
capabilities that publishers and document vendors want, try to
categorize and generalize them, assign some priorities, and see what
part of that list can be implemented without undue strain on the
browser developers.

The MCOM folks have brought forth a set. They aren't the features that
our publishers are screaming for, but I figure that's because we serve
different niches. And I appreciate the fact that their extensions did
not break current viewers.

OCLC will try and put together a list of tag features we think is
necessary in the near future, and we hope others will as well.

btw, I endorse Murray's comments completely... let's put aside the
ideological positions and see if we can find a middle ground that is
workable for all of us.

And... has anybody entertained the possibility that SoftQuad's Panorama
external viewer and its ilk might render moot much of the urgency to
broaden HTML formatting?