Validation service does URLs, levels, and mcom DTD

Daniel W. Connolly (
Thu, 27 Oct 94 19:45:54 EDT

This is a pre-announcement concerting the latest update of:

HaLsoft HTML Validation Service
$Id: validation-form.html,v 1.14 1994/10/27 23:18:40 connolly Exp $

I'm sending this to a relatively small audience so we can work out
some kinks before announcing to www-talk, comp.text.sgml, and
maybe even whats-new@ncsa and such.

**1** The validation service now allows you to enter a list of URLs. It
checks each of the listed documents. It currently uses
system("lynx -dump -source")
as a quick hack to get the data. I don't know what would happen if
you pointed it at a postscript file or some such. Please don't try it.

**2** There are options to control the amount of output you get back:

Show Input
Include input data in response.
Show Parser Output
Include detailed parser output in response
Show Formatted Output
Include displayed version of document in response

**3** There are options to select which DTD you want to validate against:

Verify that only recommended idioms are used:
No obsolete nor deprecated elements are used (XMP, LISTING)
A elements contain only inline markup (no H1 inside A, for example).
No text outside of paragraph elements.
Anchor names are unique and begin with a letter
Level 0
Verify that this document is valid even on minimally conforming implementations.
Level 1
Verify that this document is valid on Level 1 implementations (no forms markup is used).
Level 2
Verify that this document is valid on fully conforming Level 2 implementations (forms
markup may be used).
Include the Mosaic Communications Corp. Netscape HTML extensions. (This is a DTD
that I created from their documentation -- not a DTD that they maintain.)

Also, we're working on a little "Certified!" icon that we hope folks
will plaster all over their validated documents. Kind of like the
"Netware: YES!" or Windows '95 icon. Very trendy. We haven't decided
just what it will look like yet.

Right now you get a boring "Check complete. no errors found." message.
Big whoop.

Anyway... we hope these changes will make the service more useful
to folks out there.

Give it a try. Let us know what you think!