Jon Bosak (Jon_Bosak@Novell.COM)
Wed, 2 Nov 94 00:04:06 EST

[Larry Masinter]

> Maybe this is just semantic twaddle, but as I see it, the 'html
> working group' was formed to deal with the fairly narrow issue of
> 'standardizing HTML', and doesn't really have the charter to take on
> the larger issue of 'what should people use on the World-Wide Web for
> browsers'.
> Why aren't you better off just submitting text/hdl as a registered
> MIME type, and urging people to use it?

Because the proposal is specifically that HTML development be split
into two parallel and complementary efforts, one of which would be the
further evolution of a language optimized for authoring (HTML) and the
other of which would be the development of a language optimized for
delivery (HDL). If adopted, the proposal would have a definite effect
on the development of HTML. In particular, it would discourage the ad
hoc introduction of formatting elements into HTML.

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