Required action attribute in FORM

Stan Newton (
Wed, 2 Nov 94 11:55:00 EST

The ACTION attribute is required in the FORM start tag per the DTD. If I
omit it, the HalSoft HTML Validation service traps it as an error.

Various accompanying documents I have reviewed about Forms indicate that the
ACTION attribute for a Form, when not supplied, defaults to the higher level
setting of either the BASE element URL or the source URL for the document
itself. If this is true, then the requirement for the ACTION attribute is
met through this default mechanism and is not really required at the Form
tag level,

I understand that this shortcut, if valid, only works when the default
mechanism supplies the correct URL for form submission.

Question #1:
Does this default fulfillment indeed occur?

Question #2:
If it does, and the requirement for a URL is met thereby, why does my
document fail the validation check when I'm allowing that to happen?

Stan Newton
Newton Computing Solutions