Re: Can't find <open-quote>, <close-quote> characters in spec

Brian Behlendorf (
Wed, 2 Nov 94 13:13:16 EST

On Wed, 2 Nov 1994, Peter Flynn wrote:
> Tim Pierce writes:
> > I like it. I assume that the spec will recommend that the
> > exact choice of quoting characters be a browser-configurable
> > option? Otherwise we'll be in danger of enforcing cultural
> > imperialism on cross-continental platforms.
> we leave it to browser-users/maintainers to configure
> (say in Germany) <q>this</q> to equate to ,,this``, even if they are
> viewing a document written in Portguese, because that is local practice,
> or should we allow <q open=",," close="``"> so that multilanguage docs
> can carry the relevant language-specific `practice' with them? Maybe have
> lang-spec browser defaults but allow author-spec in the markup...

I think the beauty is, if the author demands that his local character be
used, they can use the SGML entity, but if they are just interested in
structure, the <q> can be used. A good browser will probably have a
language option that will include proper punctuation for that language.