Re: #PC Definition

Leif Bergman (
Fri, 4 Nov 94 11:56:24 EST

Hi Dan

I know that I'm late with this as I could see that the HTML RFC should
be more or less wraped by up now. But as I saw no reference to the tags
<SUB> and <SUP> I would like you to consider their inclusion in the RFC.

Currently only MacMosaic supports them (and rather badly at that) AFAIK,
but I consider them vital for the markup of chemical papers.


<SUP><A HREF="#refN">N</A></SUP>


Having this kind of markup would give the Web a high recognition factor
when used by chemists. And if we can't convince them of using the Web
instead of paper they'll soon consume all trees on the planet! :-)

And now for something different, what do I have to so that sgmls
will behave the way I want it to????

prompt> sgmls <what_switches_and_other_files_goes_here> foo.html

I'ld like to be a good boy and only publish sound standardsconforming
papers, well I like to be different I guess! :-)

cheers Leif.

PS Please, excuse my (probably) poor and crude English.