Re: REL and REV standard?

Peter Flynn (
Thu, 10 Nov 94 17:10:11 EST

The REL and REV attributes of the anchor element are currently documented
in the HTML 2 spec as *proposed* attributes. However, it has been suggested
that these attributes are common practice.

I wouldn't have said they were exactly common, but I'd certainly be in
favor of them becoming mainstream rather than proposed.

The Oct 14 draft (am I out of date here?) gives no sample values for
REL and REV in the explanatory text, and describes them in the DTD as
%linktype; (="NAME") with a list to be supplied later. Do we have
proposals on these?

BTW, "URI" is referred to in the Oct 14 doc but not explained (I
think). What is the IETF status of the URI?