Re: Internet draft for 'file upload' feature proposal

Peter Flynn (
Thu, 10 Nov 94 17:45:48 EST

File Transmission from WWW Browsers to Servers L. Masinter

My first take on this is that it is a very welcome proposal.

<INPUT TYPE=file ACCEPT="image/gif, image/tiff" NAME="image1">.

I think this might be important to prevent accidental or malicious

The proposed implementation in WWW browsers is, when a INPUT tag of
type FILE is encountered, to show a a display of (previously selected)
file names, and a "Browse" button or selection method. Selecting the

I can conceive of occasions when the file a user wants to send is not
a file which is locally resident on disk, but lies elsewhere on th
network. Can ACCEPT also have the value "URI"? If so, should the load
of retrieving this file be placed on the user's browser prior to
sending the completed form+file back to the server, or should the
browser only send the URI back to the server as the content of that
input field, and let the server perform an HTTP GET asynchronously
with the user before forwarding the completed form+data to its final
destination? Or even pass the URI as data to the destination (script?
mailto:user@node?) and leave it to that process to perform retrieval?